Who is learning too?

Trading as Learning Too Limited, Pat Godfrey applies his experience of eLearning product and platform design to give valuable insight on how your digitally published products can improve your return on your investment. Pat's design processes support cognition and learning to create positive experiences.

Pat understands how people learn and has respect for who, what, and where your customers are as well as when and how they access your digital services. Pat’s customer-first approach gives him an edge in the emerging field of user experience design. He supports your customers’ own environment, their wants, needs, and goals - not with some scalped statistical bell-curve or fashionable layout, but with insight and intelligence from your real customers.

Pat researches your customer and your business objectives, compares competitors’ approaches, and tests and indicates the often subtle changes required to improve your digital product using wireframes, prototypes, and specifications your team can follow or adapt easily.


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