Honda Motorcycle IVIS

“The 7-inch full-colour TFT liquid crystal display screen provides infotainment-related information (for the audio and navigation systems) as well as managing the HSTC and suspension adjustment. Information is displayed in differentiated segments in a very functional order, so the rider can get all the relevant data with the minimum of eye movement.”

Honda (2019).

Honda Goldwing Motorcycle from rear right with IVIS under the screen to the front of the handlebards
The Honda GL1800 Goldwing (2018)

There is a range of Honda motorcycles and each has a different IVIS. The Honda Goldwing is the flagship motorcycle model and has an IVIS to match its premium price point from around €32,000.

Honda Goldwing dashboard showing basic performance dials and digital displays with a central screen displaying Apple CarPlay
The Honda Goldwing dashboard. (From Victor Motorsport, 2019).

The 2018 Gold Wing repositioned the arrays of analogue buttons its previous model was famous for. And with owners’ enthusiastic “farkles”, the former model could bristle with bolted on navigation, CB-radios, mobile phone fittings, speed sensor sensors, gear indicators, pillion and bike-to-bike communications, and other technology.


The earlier gl1800 motorcycle cockpit with arrays of buttons and dials
The pre-2018 GL1800 cockpit. (From Bailey, n.d.).
Gold Wing cockpit bristling with add on sat nav, radios, laser sensors, etc.
An earlier GL1800 Goldwing model bristling with “farkles”. (From BrilliantNumberOne, n.d.).

The Display Screen and controls

The display is not a touch screen. All features are controlled by the centrally positioned jog-dial and button array and handlebar-mounted switches and buttons. When moving, the jog-dial and some of the central buttons on the array are disabled to reduce distracting movements.


Honda Goldwing and Apple CarPlay

Key statements:

  • (1:04) “…before locking the iPhone away in the front compartment or trunk.”
  • (1:25) “You can navigate this menu using the central control dial or the four-way key switch on the left handlebar*.”
  • (1:35) “You can also access CarPlay functions using Siri voice recognition… hold the Talk button on the left handlebar… then speak your command into your paired Bluetooth headset.”
  • (2:00) Key features.

Note: The central dial is disabled when riding.

Honda Motorcycles Canada (2018).

Riding the motorcycle.

Key points:

  • (0:00 – 25:12) The Goldwing is an exceptional ride and Romainia is beautiful in the autumn.
  • (6:25) Brooooom… toward the learning experience.
  • (8:15) Left hand controls.
  • (17:05) Buttons. “The job is easier now…very helpful, just where you reach“.
  • (17:50) “Some buttons you can’t use on the road. It’s a safety measure. It’s very good“.
  • (19:45) “We have several riding modes” and cycles through them.
  • (20:10) “Must get used to it in the begining…”
  • (22:28) “We have this dash’…these buttons…and we have a navigation system”.

DriveMag Riders (2018).

(9:50 – 11:29) Demonstration of how “eyes off the road” new bike controls can be.

Key statements:

  • (10:20) “I saw a Mode button earlier. I got to find it. Let’s pay attention to the driving too“.
  • (10:32) “I can’t find it. Well, I said it was intuitive until I needed to find something.”
  • (10:35) “Now I’m, er. Now, I’m a little confused… oh, mode. Here it is.”

HappyJack (2018).


Key statements:


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Key statements:


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