Hi, I’m Pat Godfrey. My qualifications include IADT’s MSc UX Design  2018-2020 and the University of Portsmouth’s MSc eLearning Technologies 2005-2007. This blog formed a part of IADT’s studies and continues to record my learning outcomes.

I often ask, ‘why do we do that’? It’s a healthy question. Usually, “it” depends.  Sometimes I reveal the institutionalized ableism embedded in our industry and its visually-biased legacy. For example, why should our screen reader users work harder than their visual counterparts to access the editorial intent of our products?

I evolved from a classroom and eLearning design background. I now offer universal and user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) consultation to agile web, platform, eLearning, and app design teams. I am under full-time contract to August 2021.

You can also read my long Articles on my legacy Learning Too website

Enjoy. Challenge. Comment. Experience learning too!