Affinity Diagram Deepthi

This is the text version of the affinity diagram created for persona Deepthi.

Persona Deepthi Affinity Diagram
Heading Content
Problems with indoor mobility
  • Sense of direction.
  • Can’t see; only hear, smell, and feel.
  • Ouch! Injuries and safety.
  • Walking straight is hard.
  • Risk of deception e.g. hacking.
  • Other people and animals getting in the way.
  • Distractions.
  • Doors! (Which way do they open; sets, etc.)
  • Which floor are we on now?
  • Barriers.
  • Fire escape.
  • Stairs.
  • Obstructions.
  • Signs – what signs?
What to find with an IPS app?
  • Unknown places.
  • Known places.
  • Points of interest.
  • Finding things.
  • Bathroom.
  • Go to meeting.
  • Cafateria.
  • Lifts and stairs and escalators (up and down).
  • Reception.
  • Entrance and exits.
Where to use an IPS app?
  • Recreation: museums, galleries, theater, retail, etc.
  • At home?
  • Transport hubs: bus, train, airport, etc.
  • Inside spaces in general.
Features useful to an IPS app?
  • How far is 90-degrees right or left?
  • Existing floor plans.
  • Map new floor plans and routes.
  • Language selection (English, Spanish, etc.).
  • Add and edit places.
  • Accuracy of directions – and what to find when arrived
  • Voice commands and output: Siri??