Basic User Journey

This is the text version of persona Deepthi’s Basic User Journey.

Deepthi’s Basic User Journey (Godfrey 2017)
Journey Stage Concept

Our user wants:

  • To log into app only once.
  • To explore and learn the app’s features without committing to a floor plan.
  • To easily find places on a floor plan and to select them as destinations.
  • To create my own spaces within others’ floor plans.
  • To be guided in straight lines, on the obstructions I face, and how doors open.
  • I want to know where the stalls are in a bathroom – don’t leave me at the bathroom door!
  • To explore floor plans before I visit the space.

Our enterprise wants:

  • To encourage application uptake to reduce maintenance costs and increase revenue.
  • To compete with competitors in the online segment.

Our user needs to:

  • I need an interface that works with my iPhone’s assistive technologies including voice commands and feedback where possible.
  • Audible directions need to be precise and timely.
  • I need to add places quickly on the fly as waypoints or for use later.
  • A Pause mode for if I am distracted during my navigation.

Our enterprise needs to:

  • Promote products.
  • Manage and protect data.
  • Monitor user analytics for opportunities.
  • Encourage user engagement to maintain a positive customer relationship.
  • Court new customers.

Our user will:

  • Find the entrance to a space.
  • Navigate to receptions, lifts and stairs, bathrooms, and places of work and interest.
  • To know how far I am walking between places.
  • To know where to go in an emergency.
  • To avoid obstructions.

Our enterprise will:

  • Provide a secure platform and data experience.
  • Enable app users to log on to the platform.
  • Provide support to app users on how to complete their tasks.
  • Limit the inconvenience.
  • Provide a feedback communication channel.

Our users will input:

  • My name and reasonable contact details.
  • My visual ability and phone preferences.
  • My selection of places to navigate to.
  • My places.

Our enterprise will output:

  • A welcome.
  • A relevant and easy to navigate app and interface.
  • Access to app performance support.
  • Collect and process only the data necessary to our customer service relationship.
  • Secure customer-supplied data and process it in a responsible fashion.
  • Provide only the information our user needs to complete their task, or that enhances their experience of our space.
  • Feedback on our customers’ progress or on problems we or they may encounter within our service.
  • Deliver on our promises and correct errors immediately.
  • Make the IPS process efficient to give best value to customers while securing a profitable business.

Our user will:

  • Know that I have arrived at my destination.
  • Know what is at my destination – particularly where facilities are.

Our enterprise will:

  • Unobtrusively canvass all users for feedback.
  • Provide performance and support.
  • Research improvements.

Our user will:

  • Repeat their use of the app.
  • Expect improvements from time to time.
  • Expect not to uncover problems.

Our enterprise will:

  • Combine user and support analytics to identify user problems and correct them without our users reporting them.
  • Anticipate process changes and update the app in a timely manner and communicate updates to our users.
  • Update user personas and testing from time to time and account for their maturation.