Customer Journey Deepthi

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This is the text version of persona Deepthi’s Customer Journey Map (“As is” scenario).

Persona Deepthi's customer journey map image

Deepthi is to attend a job interview.

Finding the right building entrance is the first challenge followed by simple interactions that belie her portrayal of independence.

Persona Deepthi’s Customer Journey Map (“as is” scenario)
Environment Commentary

Good experiences:

  • Uses GPS from the train station to Trinity Building, Pearse Street, Dublin.
  • Good. Yay! Arrives at the right building!

Poor experiences:

  • Boo! Where’s the entrance?
  • Asks for assistance. Two people don’t know which of the two entrances Deepthi needs.
  • Assisted to the right entrance and through double sliding doors.

Good experience:

  • Enters atrium and senses a large space. Yay! I’m here!

Poor experiences:

  • Boo! Where’s Reception? And where are the bathrooms?
  • Security Worker comes to assist Deepthi and escorts her to the Company Reception she needs.

Poor experiences:

  • Receptionist escorts Deepthi to a chair to wait.
  • Deepthi asks where the bathrooms are.
  • Receptionist gives directions and offers to escort her.
  • Deepth is is keen to appear no trouble and follows directions using her cane.
  • She arrives at the bathrooms and follows a female voice of the Cleaner into the Male block.

Good experience:

  • From the bathrooms, Deepthi retraces her steps back to the Reception waiting area.

Poor experiences:

  • She is uncertain of where she can sit.
  • She asks the Receptionist to indicate the chair. There is no reply.
  • Deepthi doesn’t know to stand and wait or risk being seen searching for a chair.
  • The Receptionist returns and remarks on Deepthi’s interest in the office fern.