Empathy Map Deepthi

This is the text version of persona Deepthi.

Persona Deepthi’s Empathy Map
Heading Content
What does Deepthi hear?
  • Nuances.
  • Background noises.
  • Assistive technologies are expensive.
  • Assistive technologies are difficult to learn.
  • Employers don’t want blind people.
What does Deepthi think and feel?
  • Physiologically hardwired for seeing.
  • Frustration and anxiety.
  • At risk.
  • Dependent on others and support.
  • In-confident.
  • Worried can never work.
  • Worried about getting lost.
  • Worried about being foolish.
  • What do people think – do I look stupid?
What does Deepthi see?
  • Nothing. She’s blind.
What does Deepthi say and do?
  • Positivity.
  • “Barriers are in the mind”.
  • “Bruises are learning medals”.
  • Where’s the can?”
  • “Don’t leave me at the door”.
  • Can you help me?”
  • “I don’t have to see it to enjoy it”.
What are Deepthi’s pains?
  • “So much to learn”.
  • “Signs? What signs?”
  • “Can’t read f’ing braille”.
  • Battery life of smartphone.
  • Vulnerable.
  • Easy to loose phone.
What are Deepthi’s gains?
  • iOS assistive technologies.
  • NCBI training.
  • Travel apps are pretty good.
  • Voice controlled user interfaces.
  • Hepatic feedback.