Persona Deepthi

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Persona Deepthi
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Personal details
  • Name: Deepthi.
  • Age: 38 years old.
  • Profession: Lecturer.
  • Key statement: “That’s the bathroom door. And the toilet?”
  • Totally blind.
  • Good mobility with a cane.
  • Complains of poor memory.

Deepthi was recently made blind. The NCBI are providing AT and mobility training. With support, Deepthi is growing confidence going outdoors.

When out with her mentor, Deepthi finds many indoor spaces inaccessible to the blind. Outdoor maps get her to venues and then nothing helps her find her way inside.

As an iPhone user, Deepthi has learned to use Siri and voice over, which works with many apps.

What Deepthi wants is a way to navigate indoor spaces to find places, people, and belongings.

  • Learning so much all at once.
  • Being dependent on others.
  • Being unable to find toilet facilities, “beyond the bathroom door”.
  • Putting things down and not knowing where.
  • Single.
  • Limited savings.
  • Awaiting compensation claim.
  • Basic income supports.
Apps used
  • Google Maps.
  • Mail.
  • Messenger.
Support available
  • Temporarily, an NCBI mentor.
  • Work based accommodations under discussion.
  • Blind allowance / benefits including accompanied person discounts on Public transport.
  • On waiting list for a guide dog.