Adhoc Prototype (003) Test Feedback

This is the text version of the ad-hoc user testing feedback.

test feedback

Tab bar navigation buttons

  • Should the Menu button go at the top right?

Spots page

  • Save should have default icons to choose for recognition.
  • Choose icons for Spots.

Navigation / Maps page

  • On Pause, freeze the screen avoiding accidental restarts.
  • Enlarge zoom controls and enable left and right placement.
  • Shrink the header.
  • What does Large Text look like?
  • A next direction box should be in the header (as originally sketched).
  • Visibly label the START and PAUSE buttons.
  • The position indicator is blurry – it feels odd. A triangle is preferred (3 of 3 candidates)
  • Hide the compass on Pause.
  • The Save Spot page should slide over Map, perhaps?
  • In Pause, make whole screen the PLAY button (We agreed not. It Introduces error.)
  • Tapping Floors button needs a different leave navigation route or pathway? (This is likely a prototype issue and needs adjusting).

High contrast UI

  • High-contrast. Does iOS update that automatically with accessibility settings? If not, work on the Search input contrast.