Deepthi’s Storyboard

This is the text version of the storyboard.

deepthi's storyboard


  1. Deepthi arrives at Trinity Building in good time for her interview.
  2. She opens the app and joins the Trinity Building Ground Floor Plan…
  3. …and selects the Building Reception from Spots.
  4. The app directs her to the Reception, where she books in as instructed.
  5. Deepthi selects the Lifts from the Spots page in the app.
  6. The app guides her through the corridors and doors to the lifts.
  7. At the lifts, Deepthi is lucky to catch one going up to the Third Floor.
  8. On exiting the lift, Deepthi opens the Third Floor floor plan and then selects (the company’s) Reception.
  9. The app directs her to the Reception, where she Pauses it, and checks in with the receptionist.
  10. Deepthi is offered a seat and told to wait ten minutes.
  11. Deepthi needs a bathroom. She Saves the seat’s Spot and then selects the Third Floor bathroom to navigate to.
  12. Deepthi trots off to the bathroom.
  13. While in the bathroom, Deepthi selects the seat in Reception to navigate back to.
  14. Deepthi returns to the Reception just in time for the Receptionist to guide her into the Office.
  15. Deepthi gives a confident and unflustered interview. Maybe she gets the gig?