Appendix B. Presentation

Download the presentation as a PDF (535 KB).

Our presentation was fun to deliver. We kept the content and presentation very simple. There were a handful of key slides supported by illustrative slides we could talk to easily.

Our tutors’ questioning was informative. We defended the incomplete design as a part of paper prototyping process: we were not tasked to complete design to Release. More user and other testing needs completed to confirm our best options.

On the whole, we demonstrated success. The detailed levels of analysis required to prove efficiency of process and attitude vs. only speed and click numbers is perhaps out of the scope of this level of prototyping. Later, when testing hi-fidelity HTML prototypes for example, then we may be able to measure more analytics.

Our impression – and that of our test candidates – is that we have made an advancement in the UX. We’re happy with that!

two goofballs goofing off in class
Figure 1. Our heading slide setting the scene
a list of successes
Figure 2. Our keynote list of the design updates we successfully implemented in our design
QR codes
Figure 3. Our last slide inviting our audience to experience the design