MSc UX Design Graduation 2020

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Darn Covid 19 in 2020. Our graduation is in absentee—or some such concept spoken in Latin to dress the situation up a bit. Here’s our segment on YouTube at 27 min and 27 seconds introduced by my supervisor, Dr Andrew Errity. You’ll spot me: one of only two names poor Andrew needed to name in full! (Mine was the easiest) 😀


With heartfelt congratulations to our Hilary Goudie for her receiving the class Student of the Year Award, which was only richly deserved. We were teamed up for the Speculative Design project with Rob McLoughlin, who was in the running to receive the award too. Tough competition, warm student colleagues, and a pleasure to work with both. ∑ !

And full-on congratulations to all my classmates. Given the strangeness of the course and at times the disproportionate workload completed against our normal and never mind Covid 19 lives, every one of you deserves a medal.

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