Exasperations of accessible experiences

Reading Time: 4 minutes Accessibility is treated by my industry as you would treat a stone chip stuck in your vehicle’s brakes. You can hear it squealing as it grinds into your imagination of a deeply scarred disk. You cannot identify which wheel is affected from inside the comfort of the vehicle. You select reverse gear and go back […]

A Delightful Slider?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Josh Collinsworth’s Likert-based slider input styles a range of emoji in place of the usual grades. It may bring a piece of visual delight to our feedback survey forms? A measure of satisfaction and delight? The 12 emoji that display on the slider button range from, “swear I’m angry” (🤬) to “love it” (😍). The […]

Research content and information

Reading Time: 5 minutes Our latest submission covered information architecture and content as a part of Module 3, the psychology of UX. My preliminary research was included as an Appendix and is included here for (my) future reference. Research: content and information ”…You need to have a good understanding of the content before you even think of tackling the […]

An interception survey reflection

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recruiting participants for field research by “door stopping”, or interception as they perform and behave in a native environment is an opportunity to observe, enquire, and record real-world and spontaneous experiences, behaviours, and attitudes. Supporting enquiry strategies may include overt observation, surveys, and semi-structured interviews. Resulting data may be quantitative or qualitative as designed. Chisnell […]

A little research post

Reading Time: 4 minutes Research is a considered activity that aims to make an original contribution to knowledge. (Dawson, 2005). The trick to successful user research is, “to know what role user research plays, which methods of research to utilise, and how it benefits your team each step along the way.” (Hayes, 2015). Quality Triangulating popular research methods and […]

Strategy: Universal Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes The days of the product-focused UX silo habit must be numbered? It tends to be art-directed and under resourced by well intentioned and under qualified practitioners. Universal Experience breaks free of the product silo and explores your enterprise’s existing and future business community – a World-reaching business strategy! So, what do we do? It sounds […]