Blueberry Muffins and Terrible People

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Hoorah for Monica Dinculescu (‘Meownica‘) of Google calling out developers who don’t “bake-in” accessibility to their apps like blueberries in a muffin recipe:

“If you don’t want to make accessible apps, then you are a terrible person and you shouldn’t be making apps for anybody. You should be doing something else.”

Dinculescu (2016)

The following YouTube video starts at around 28 minutes to save you from the first part, which I found fascinating and you may not?

The blueberry muffin analogy is attributed to Cordelia Dillon from her talk in the Great Accessibility Bake-Off (assuming Cordelia nee McGee-Tub).

Thanks to this discovery, I found Cordelia is also interested in accessible comics. It’s a bit late for my dissertation and I may drop her a line with my own accessible cartoon image thoughts About DieUx.


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