Sigma Pods – Speculative Design Update

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A year after our MSc UX Speculative Design project submission and Timekettle is emerging with many of the features we speculated on for the project. It’s exciting to learn of the features they have prioritised and developed for their WT2 Edge in-ear translator.

As we speculated, Timekettle bring conversational controls with a tap (if more abruptly) and can store 7 of the “most popular languages” for when connection to their 15 servers isn’t possible.

The slick promotional video describes their proposition. 

There’s little comparison between our zero-Euro and part-time study budget versus Timekettle’s crowd-funded mega-bucks production. There remain parallels in concept and I prefer our approach to preventing sweaty ear canals and gesture support. One day..?

We can only look forward to where this product type will be in 4 years’ time! Maybe it really can break down the barriers language, culture, and borders present? I hope so.

You can find the whole story in my MSc UX Speculative Design project submission blog. For ease of reference, here’s our Sigma video submission. 


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