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The days of the product-focused UX silo habit must be numbered? It tends to be art-directed and under resourced by well intentioned and under qualified practitioners.

Universal Experience breaks free of the product silo and explores your enterprise’s existing and future business community – a World-reaching business strategy!

So, what do we do? It sounds expensive. And you don’t need to update your staff or organisational tree for a start. Relief. Read on..?


cartoons of a silo versus the Earth
The product focused UX design silo will serve a community. A universal experience strategy may reach the World.

Defining universal experience

The Universal Experience is, well. Universal. It encompasses every touch point between the enterprise, its staff, and its customers and the outside World. You can plan, build, and manage the universal experience of your product, vertical, and enterprise.

Creating the best possible product user experience is critical to the universal experience. You must also plan, design, and deliver an excellent user experience across your whole service.

Figure 1 aims to avoid our confusing the universal experience with our universal design.

Figure 1: describing universal design and universal experience
To remove any confusion between the terms Universal Design and Universal Experience Design:

Universal Design
Designing the accessibility, usability, and learnability of products to make them available to the widest range of people (users) regardless of ability. 
Universal Experience Design
Designing the universal impact of the product and enterprise across their widest influences on the user experience from conception to reflection.

The traditional UX silo

In the traditional UX silo, our product owners look to advantage their product in a competitive space. Key is the word, product. The product team business analyse, design, and build the product to beat their users’ expectations.

And if their users’ expectations are exceeded with delight in the product, what happens when things go wrong? Read any online review section and find the angry mob for whom an enterprise failed to plan for with a universal strategy.

the user experience related to the enterprise and user journey touchpoints for a signle product
The typical product foci of User Experience

One poor product or cursed release damages the enterprise. A small percentage increase in support calls can break the bank? An advantage offered by the competitor dangles like a carrot?

A universal experience strategy

So, what does a Universal Experience strategy look like? I don’t know. And we all know what it feels like. Everything feels right at every touch point with a service or product and aftercare.

List of User Interface, User Experience, and Universal Experience design areas
Stepping out of the User Experience silo into the Universal Experience scope of opportunity. (There’s a long-description of this graphic on my parent website.)

Marketeers and entrepreneurs will be tripping over themselves to scream at the screen, “We do this already!” And yes. Many of you do.

The problem is that when the User Experience is conducted in a silo and without your input, then it will upset the efforts you have made to market the enterprises’ values, brand, and tone.

And here’s where the User Experience Designer should be hauled into the office, plied with copious hot beverages and (most important) biscuits, and briefed on the “bigger picture”: your, “side of the cheese”, etc. (Mmm. Cheese and biscuits. Cool. Don’t mind if I do).

cheese on a mouse trap
Designers. Beware the big cheese! (Photo credit to Peter Heeling)


Together, the “enterprise universal experience team” and not only the product team or UX designer plan, design, and build a delightful universal experience.

So, break out of those silos and wake up to the universal experience design strategy to success. And mind those carrots! And that cheeseā€¦

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