Dog Poo is Accessible Too

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Too many bells, whistles, and other dog poo added to UI and UX education, articles, and videos obsess visual delight while negating even basic accessible or inclusive design. When we employ ableist 3rd-party solutions, we must take responsibility for implementing them inclusively.

Dog poo is accessible, too. We don’t want to wade through it. So let’s cut the crap that makes even WCAG compliant content a barrier for some people.

As an industry, we MUST plan for and design inclusive accessibility from outset. Meanwhile, two generations of designers and engineers have grown up within and can perpetuate an ableist environment of education, practice, and portfolios.

Teaching poor ableist practices results in poor ableist practice.

Perhaps demonstrations, plug-ins, and example codes should be less-well tolerated when they exclude accessibility? Tertiary and commercial UI and UX education can’t overcome its visual bias while designed, managed, and delivered by ableist practitioners.

While institutionalised UI and UX education is driven by commercialised ableism, perhaps the pressure toward WCAG compliance can mitigate that? However, before UI and UX education is regulated or at least encouraged to be inclusive this blog certainly isn’t getting any shorter!


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