The ‘One day’ Award – Shortlist 2021

ableism - One Day Award nominations 2021 Reading Time: < 1 minute

One Day everyone publishing web content will understand when their best visual design decision results in a poor content experience.

In the meantime, let’s lament the loss of common sense. I award the Fandom’s Blackadder Wiki a meritorious mention for its near impossible link colour contrast ratio of 2.35:1! Who would intentionally do that. Really. Who?

screen grab of part of the blackadder fandom page with white copy text on black background and deep and dark grey-cum-dirty-teal and barely distinguishable links

We can find so much more to enjoy on these pages too, including:

  • A table layout from 2 decades ago alongside an HTML5 article. OK.
  • A table used in place of a blockquote. That’s inventive.
  • Links including an alternative text attribute that exactly replicates the link’s copy text. Better safe than sorry, eh?
  • No keyboard-access of expanding options (using links instead of buttons – typed with a preparatory intake of breath ready to defend a contentious criticism). 

Blackadder’s “Queenie” would give this team the chop given she’s from the same era of web design. Sigh.

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